Samsung UN40EH5000F LED TV Review

A high-performing, basic display, stripped of advanced features like 3D images and internet connectivity.

$1,692.73 at Amazon 40 in.


We tested the UN40EH5000 (MSRP $679), a television lower on the Samsung ladder than the UN40EH6000. We found these two TVs to be very comparable, both offering a high-performing, basic display, stripped of advanced features like 3D images, internet connectivity, and the usual overload of video processing modes. Running both of these models through our tests, back-to-back, produced some surprising results which may have you considering the UN40EH5000 over the UN40EH6000.


Like a timeless dinner jacket, the EH5000 sports a classic design.

The design of the EH5000 may define the classic look for years to come.

The design of the EH5000 may define the classic look for years to come. There is no touch of color, no flashy metallic finish, no extra Gorilla Glass bezel—just a tight black outline for a fine looking LCD display.

We were a little disappointed by the connectivity on this Samsung. These days, two HDMI ports really holds back the home theater enthusiast. There are plenty of consumers that can get by with just two high definition ports, but many others will simply have to choose another television.


Smart TV Features

The menus on the Samsung UN40EH5000 are really simple.

The menus are easy to use and match the simplicity of the feature set. The options are laid out in a column on the left side, each of which open up to a menu with settings that are well explained by captions at the bottom of the screen. There really is not too much to control here. You can change the calibration settings, a few advanced video settings, and a few other options like parental locking. There is also an audio equalizer to play around with.

We didn’t love the way that the menus take up the whole screen. When you change a setting, the menus become a smaller box, but this box sits right in the center of your picture making it less than easy to see how you are affecting the content. It’s not terrible, but we’ve seen better attempts.

Comparable Products

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Picture Quality

The EH5000 produces deep black levels, but motion performance could be better.

The Samsung EH5000 produced some quality results in our tests, including accurate color, top-notch contrast, and a decent viewing angle. There were some flaws to be found, though. The color temperature was overly warm, meaning that the EH5000 produced images with a slightly orange hue.

The Samsung EH5000 produced some quality results.

Detail retention was a problem during motion. Faces were no longer recognizable and background details blurred into obscurity, but jagged edges and pixel artifacts were kept to a minimum. Objects with straight edges became distorted while in motion, which is definitely a motion artifact, but this distortion was no worse than what we saw on the Samsung EH6000, which had a few other unique artifacting problems.


A 40-inch Samsung for less than $700 is a good deal.

The UN40EH5000 (MSRP $679) from Samsung is in many ways the perfect television for some consumers. We do not recommend it for the people trying to setup a technologically advanced home theater, because it lacks internet for streaming video and the connectivity is limited to two HDMI ports. This will restrict the ability to hook up the entirety of your media empire.

The design of the display epitomizes a classic style such that it is wholly unobtrusive and will fit beautifully in any room in the home. The setup couldn’t be easier. It is a plug-and-play style television. Once you have this Samsung going, calibration is simple and the picture quality is pretty good, especially for the money. There are some issues with the motion performance, like detail loss in images, that might raise an eyebrow or two. For the price, though, the Samsung EH5000 is a decent low-end TV.

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