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P series hero 2

Vizio Announces 2016 P Series 4K TVs With SmartCast

Vizio's latest UHD TV offering is a brand new P Series with SmartCast.

P series fi hero

2016 Vizio P Series First Impressions Review

4K may be the least exciting part about Vizio's latest TVs.

3d tv is dead

Are 3D TVs Totally Dead?

If you want 3D, you're going to need to go to the theater.

Insignia 4k roku hero

The First 4K Roku TVs Are Finally Available

You can get this new Insignia in 43, 50, and 55-inch models.

Ultra d hero

The Future of 3D TV Says Goodbye to Glasses

Ultra-D tech makes your content 3D—and doesn't require 3D glasses.

Samsung oled tv investment hero flickr janitors

Samsung Rumored to Invest Billions in OLED TV Production

Sources claim that Samsung is sinking capital into OLED manufacturing.

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3 Secrets to Scoring a Deal at Best Buy

A little inside knowledge can help stretch your dollar at Best Buy.

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What Causes OLED Burn-in and How Do I Fix It?

Got OLED "burn-in" problems? It's not as bad as you think

Design eg9600 hero

Why Are OLED TV Prices So High and When Will They Drop?

OLED prices are finally on the way down.

Oled explainer hero

What Is an OLED TV?

This new display technology offers unparalleled picture quality.

Comcast cable box fcc ruling hero flickr mr t in dc

FCC Ruling Opens Cable Box Market to Innovation

The ruling could bring much needed competition to the market.

Vr comabt hero

Virtual Insanity: These Are 2016’s Hottest VR Headsets

A virtual tour of the future of gaming and entertainment