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Sonos wireless

Easily add wireless audio to your TV with these headphones and speakers

Listen to your favorite soap operas at any volume.

March madness basketball tv hero

March Madness is coming: Here are 7 TVs to fit every budget

Looking to buy a new TV? This is your one shining moment.

Crts gone hero

The tube-based CRT TV has officially run out of time

Supplies are gone: CRTs are becoming legacy items for good.

Xbox logo getty images

Microsoft is launching a Netflix for video games this year

Will Game Pass do for video games what Netflix has done to the DVD industry?

Gorgeous movies hero

9 of the most beautiful movies ever made and how to watch them at home

These films take cinematography to the next level.

Samsung ku6300 stand

5 TVs under $1,000 that won't be out of date in seven years

It's not enough to just buy a "4K TV" and call it a day. We have to go deeper!

Good will hunting

8 Oscar-winning movies you can stream on Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu

You can stream all of these Oscar-winning movies right now.

Avatar hero

21 movies with amazing picture quality that are super cheap on Amazon

You can get some really awesome-looking movies on Amazon for way, way cheap.

Home theater systems need ir blasters

What's an IR Blaster, and Why Does My Smart TV Have One?

Sure, an IR blaster can extend your remote's range, but it's also integral to new smart features.

Xbox one controller

All of the must-have accessories for the Xbox One

Everything you need to take your console gaming to the next level.

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