Samsung PN59D8000

$2,599.00 MSRP
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59 in.
8.8 score
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The ($2,599 MSRP) is Samsung's flagship plasma TV for 2011. It certainly looks beautiful in brushed metal, but will this 1080p, 3D display live up to your hopes, dreams, and $1,000+ investment? We found it to have good black & white and color performance, but it could still be outdone in these areas by other televisions on the market. It's a lot of TV, at 60 inches on the diagonal (or 59 "+1," as Samsung insists on marketing it).


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Series Name PNxxD8000
General Type Plasma
Screen Size 59 in.
Format 1080p
3D Type Active Shutter
Samsung pn59d8000  vanity

Samsung PN59D8000

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