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LG 50PB6600

$699.99 MSRP
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50 in.
5.3 score
Product Image - LG 50PB6600
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Full Review

It's official: Plasma TVs are on the 2014 endangered species list. Thanks to declining production, the beloved technology is more scarce than ever this year.

It would be nice if the LG 50PB6600 (MSRP $699) stood as a dazzling reminder of the powerful reign of plasma TV, but that's simply not the case: One of the technology's biggest draws has always been the ability to produce a stunning black level—and this LG TV does nothing of the kind.


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Series Name PB6600
General Type Plasma
Screen Size 50 in.
Format 1080p
Height 29.8 in.

Lg 50pb6600 vanity

LG 50PB6600

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