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LG 32LN530B

$395.00 at Amazon 32 in.
4.1 score
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The LG 32LN530B (MSRP $349.99) is an entry-level LCD from the South Korean manufacturer formerly known as Lucky-Goldstar, and presently known as the the country's premier producer of LCD panels.

At 32 inches, our test sample is neither packing a huge screen, nor a ton o' pixels at a native resolution of only 720p. However, save for a few bold budget models, $350 is not too steep an asking price for a 32-inch 2013 LCD—assuming that it provides a picture quality up to modern standards.


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Series Name LN530B
General Type LCD
Screen Size 32 in.
Format 720p
Height 19.5 in.

Ln530b vanity

LG 32LN530B

Buy now for $395.00 at Amazon