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Spotify Brings AirPlay-Style Streaming to Smart TVs

But wouldn't you rather listen to music through your stereo?

This week, Spotify announced an exclusive deal with Philips that will bring steaming music access to the brand's Smart TVs.

Philips TVs powered by Android will now offer access to Spotify Connect, an Apple AirPlay-like service that lets users to play music on any compatible device on their WiFi network and control it via a mobile device.

The streaming service, which boasts more than 10 million subscribers, stated in a press release that the deal with Philips is the first in a “long line” of Smart TV launches that will feature Spotify Connect.

The move reflects Spotify’s broader aim to offer access on as many digital media platforms as possible.

The company also announced this week that Connect will soon be compatible with Bose, Panasonic, and Gramafon speakers.

“Our mission with Connect was to give people a better way to listen at home,” said Spotify vice president Sten Garmark. “We wanted to offer a broad range of devices, and our partners have delivered an incredible range of innovative multi-room systems, receivers, radios and dongles for every budget.”

The move reflects Spotify’s broader push to offer access on as many digital media platforms as possible. It’s also a possible answer for why Spotify still isn’t compatible with Google's wildly popular Chromecast streaming stick.

Via: VentureBeat

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