What Is a Quantum Dot TV?

These teeny tiny dots make for some seriously big color.

Put simply, quantum dots are a new technology that allow today's TVs to create much more vivid and saturated colors than ever before.

Currently found mostly in high-end offerings from Samsung, LG, and Sony, quantum dots (also sometimes referred to as "nano-crystals") are microscopic dots that react to light by emitting color. Manufacturers print a sheet of dots onto a TV display panels, which allows them to produce unusually intense colors—especially reds, greens, and cyans.

Quantum dot technology represents a major improvement for TV color, and sets equipped with it can produce richer pictures than any past models were capable of. On the other hand, because it's a completely new technology in TV world, it also ratchets up prices. Over time, quantum dot will trickle down to entry-level models, but for now you're only likely to find it on flagships.

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Are Quantum Dots the Next Big Thing in TV Tech?

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