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Video: 4K vs HD

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Can you tell the difference?

Would You Pay the Difference?

Lately, TV manufacturers just won't zip the lid about 4K resolution. Four times the pixels! That's over eight million pixels! That's a whole lotta pixels! Get over here an' buy ya some pixels! TV companies saturated show floors at CES this year with UHD fanfare, and the market is beginning to catch up.

Recently, Sony released its X900A UHD TV; the display looks great, but it bulldozes billfolds with its $5,000 dollar price tag. That makes us wonder: Are all the extra pixels really worth their weight in gold?

Our videographers decided to get to work on this question by luring employees of Reviewed.com into a studio with the X900A—and spying videocameras, of course. Each employee took a gander at a UHD clip, and then an HD version of the same clip to see if they could tell the difference. Take a look at the video post to see what they discovered.

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