Buying a 2016 Vizio D-Series TV? Read This First

We cracked Vizio's model name code. Here's the secret.

Vizio's new, 2016 D-Series TVs are available in a whopping 25 sizes at least. Most TV "series" have only 4 or 5 TVs to choose from in different screen sizes, and even then they almost always share specs like resolution (pixel count) and smart features. Not so with the D Series! Some of them are smart and some of them aren't; some are old-school 720p, some are glorious 4K/UHD. It can make it hard to be certain you're getting just the one you want, we reckon.



Vizio D Series (2016) TV Review

While it's (usually) easy enough to know what specs you're getting when there's only one size per series, the D Series has multiple TVs per size. There are five 32-inch D Series TVs, and they're all slightly different from each other in a way that—especially if you're shopping online—might only be a few lowercase letters' difference in the model number.

To be blunt, I review TVs for a living and I couldn't figure out what all the numbers and letters signified. It's not clear at all. So I asked Vizio directly, and here's the scoop. Every letter in the model name tells you something about the specs. Take the cheapest member of the D Series, the D24hn-D1:

1. The capital D at the beginning means it's part of the D Series. That's easy enough. The same goes for Vizio's E, M, and P Series.
2. The 24 in "D24" denotes the diagonal screen size in inches. You know you're looking at a 24-inch TV. (The same goes for Vizio's E, M, and P Series, again.)
3. The h in "D24h" denotes HD resolution, aka 720p (actually 1,366 x 728) resolution.
4. The n in "D24hn" means non-smart: the TV doesn't have apps like Netflix or Amazon Video built in.
5. The last D (in this case, "D1") means it's a 2016 model. If you see a C, it's a 2015. The number at the end apparently doesn't mean anything. This, once again, also applies to the other Vizio series.

By this logic, when you see D24hn-D1, you know you're looking at a 24-inch 720p D Series TV that was manufactured in 2016 and doesn't have smart features. Pretty cool, eh? There's still a bit more to know before you click "purchase," however. Let's say you're shopping for 32-inch D-Series TV. If you go to Vizio's website and look for 32-inch D Series TVs, you'll find these options:

• D32hn-D0 (MSRP $179)
• D32h-D1 (MSRP $209)
• D32x-D1 (MSRP $229)
• D32-D1 (MSRP $229)

First, the D32hn-D0. At $179, it's a 32-inch 2016 D Series that's 720p (HD), and non-smart. If you want to jump up to a smart TV, you'll have to pay $30 more for the D32h-D1, which is yet another 32-inch 720p (HD) set. Other than the smart features, the D32hn-D0 and D32h-D1 should be identical.

So what's the deal with the D32x-D1? According to Vizio, the "x" simply denotes a different design. So barring the presence of an "h" and an "n," we know this one's a 32-inch model with Full HD (1080p) resolution that's also a smart TV, which is why it's $229—the exact same price as the D32-D1, which from a picture quality standpoint is the exact same TV.

Credit: / Brendan Nystedt
Here, we have a 65-inch D Series with UHD (4K) resolution.

Finally, what about the 4K/UHD models?

Well, when a D Series model has 4K or Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160) resolution, it will have a u in the model name. If there's no "h" or "u," it's a Full HD (1080p) model. If there's no "n," it has smart features. So we know the D65u-D2 is a 65-inch 2016 D Series with 4K resolution and smart features.

Armed with this arsenal of knowledge, go forth to retailers and Amazon ready to pick out just the D Series TV you want!

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