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4 Quick Facts About 4K

A quick briefing on 4K

Caveat Emptor

The first generation of relatively affordable 4K TVs are hitting the market, which finally addresses the question we've all been asking: "What should I do with all this money in my pocket?"

If you drop $4000+ dollars on a television, you should probably know what you're buying. Having spent time with 4K TVs, we can verify that under the right circumstances, they look amazing. But as our infographic illustrates, those circumstances might not make sense for your everyday viewing. For instance, if you had both a 55-inch HD and a 55-inch 4K, in order to even see a qualitative difference you'd have to sit as close as 3 feet from the screen. That would definitely have earned me a scolding when I was a kid.

If you don't buy that argument, consider the fact that there's almost nothing to watch in 4K. The TV manufacturers know this and have developed some pretty impressive algorithms to upscale HD content to a 4K size. But if you just want to watch HD, we can point you towards some really good HDTVs at a fraction of the price.

Early adopters or late bloomers alike should be well-armed before taking the plunge into 4K. Look for upcoming expert opinions on

Infographic by Brian Bednarski

Special thanks to Geoffrey Morrison (@TechWriterGeoff) for his HDMI cable knowledge.

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