VIZIO XVT3D580CM 3D CinemaWide LED HDTV Review

Vizio CinemaWide series uses an expanded aspect ratio of 21:9; the standard is 16:9.

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VIZIO’s CinemaWide series is a new concept for HDTVs that adds extra width to the standard screen. This is the same aspect ratio used by cinemas, which explains VIZIO’s naming convention.

What we'd also like to see explained is the practical purpose of a 21:9 aspect ratio HDTV. There's just about no actual content available for viewing in 21:9 format, and there don't seem to be any third-party supporters of VIZIO's hardware. Philips released the first HDTV with 21:9 capability back in 2009, but it was not widely received by the general public. We're curious to see if 2012 will yield different results for VIZIO's foray.

While we initially questioned its marketability and usefulness, we now see at least some good in the innovation of the CinemaWide. By traditional HDTV parameters--color, contrast, and motion--it's not amazing, and in fact is not as good in some areas as much cheaper TVs that don't have the CinemaWide's width. But there is one important area--3D--where the CinemaWide is king.

If there's any one reason for the average Joe to invest in this TV, it's 3D. The XVT3D580CM's 3D looks outstanding, and is definitely the best home 3D experience on the market right now. Additionally, movie lovers may go ga-ga over the chance to watch their favorite cinematic masterpieces in 21:9, though the availability of 21:9 capable discs/players is on the rather slim side.

If you're really into the idea of watching films in 21:9 aspect ratio, or want a faux IMAX 3D experience at home, then the CinemaWide might be a smart buy. But outside of these features, it's really rather average.

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