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Sony KD-849005 4K TV First Impressions Review

84 in.

The difference between HDTV and 4K is breathtaking, but it simply doesn't matter yet.



Sony has joined the race for 4K televisions. It's not a pretty race, nor a fast one, but keep your eyes open because it will be upon you some day. The KD-84X9005 is a monster 84-inch TV that retails for a whopping 25,000€ ($31, 450 USD), which should indicate to anyone with sense that it's more proof of concept that anything you want to buy. One look at the specs and it's clear that Sony has packed all its engineering know-how into this TV. Whether they can leverage this into a business is anyone's guess. TV manufacturing is a low-margins game where "he who can sell the largest volume" wins. It's no secret that Sony has been struggling for years to turn the ship around into profitable waters, regardless of how clever the engineering team gets. We were truly impressed with what Sony has in store with the X9005, It may not be attainable to the average buyer, but the trickle-down effect will benefit us all.



  1. Introduction
  2. Tour & Design
  3. Performance Features
  4. 3D
  5. Connectivity & Media
  6. Conclusion
  7. Specs

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