LG 55LHX LCD HDTV First Impressions Review

The most impressive aspect of the LG 55LHX is its wireless connectivity features with its media box.

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55 in.

Tour & Design


The 55-inch LCD screen on the 55LHX is surrounded by a glossy, black frame which is the familiar look provided by most LG televisions. In the lower right corner are the on-TV controls, which are illuminated with a bright, blue light. The television stand has a flat, rectangular shape, and connects to the TV via an arched swivel.


The front of the LG 55LHX


Since most of the ports and connectivity features are located on the wireless media box, the back of the 55LHX is actually quite barren. Only one HDMI port is found back here along with the power adapter.


The empty back side of the 55LHX


With a thickness of less than an inch (0.98-inches), the sides of the 55LHX don't have any ports or buttons. They are impressively thin, however, and this slim design is one of the most attractive features on the 55LHX.


The 55LHX has a depth of only 0.98-inches.


The 55LHX has a rectangular stand, rather than the rounded one featured on the LG 55LH90. Even though the TVs on display at CES were locked down and couldn't rotate, LG said the stand does allow for the television to swivel. It is coated in black (just like the frame on the front of the TV) and it has a smooth, glossy texture.


The stand on the 55LHX is sturdy, glossy, and has the capability to swivel.


From the front, the LG 55LHX has the traditional LG aesthetic and looks very similar to the 55LH90. The ultra-slim design on the sides, however, puts the LHX series in another league. The 0.98-inch depth is roughly half as thick as the 55LH90 and it's definitely something that will impress your tech-loving friends. Because of the wireless media box, the 55LHX is also entirely devoid of cables and wires (except for its power adapter). This means mounting the TV can produce a very unique look—with no ugly cables in the way to ruin the aesthetic. More information on the media box can be found in the Connectivity & Media section of our review.

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