Best TVs of 2018

By Staff

Virtually every American living room is home to a TV, and most of them work just fine. But for some viewers, "just fine" simply isn't good enough. For these discerning cinephiles, gamers, and techies, only the best will do.

But what makes a TV the best of the best? Every year, TV manufacturers add new bells and whistles that promise the latest and greatest in picture quality. But while the buzzwords may change, the basics of a good TV usually remain the same—bright whites, inky blacks, accurate colors, smooth motion, and high resolution.

We've put all of the hottest TVs on the market through a battery of tests in our Cambridge, Massachusetts labs, teasing out their individual strengths and weaknesses. The few that excel in every department have earned the right to be called the Best Right Now. But consider yourself warned: These beauties don't come cheap.

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Updated January 11, 2018

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The dream of a cheap OLED may have to wait until next year, but one look at the C7 is all it takes to fall head-over-heels in love.. All in all, the rich, accurate color; perfect black levels; wide viewing; and generally smooth, acceptable motion settings combine to make for a picture that is truly breathtaking. Like top-notch HDR, OLED is one of those TV experiences you kind of have to see to believe.

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Despite being entry-level OLEDs, both the 55- and 65-inch models in LG's B7 Series are phenomenal. These 4K OLEDs perform at the highest level, delivering the perfect black levels and rich colors we've come to expect from OLED TVs. All told, the B7 Series makes perfect sense for people who've been hunting for a great HDR OLED but who'd like to spend as little as possible to land one.

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Just as we expected, the Q9 flagship is a knockout set. This TV packs in all the hot tech from 2017: quantum dot color, High Dynamic Range compatibility, and 4K resolution. Where 65-inch sets are concerned, the $3,500 Q9 is one of the year's top choices for big-spenders and videophiles.

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In a nutshell, we can't realistically recommend LG's W7 OLED to most people. Why? Because we already know LG's other 2017 OLEDs—the G7, E7, C7, and B7—are likely to be nearly as good and cost significantly less. So for 99.9% of people, just wait and pick up one of those.

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The Q7F is an extremely impressive TV, and easily one of the best HDR series to come along so far. The 55-inch will set you back about $2,600, while right now our 65-inch test model demands another $1,000 on top of that. Those prices are in line with the market for everything you're getting, and this TV exhibits high quality in every aspect, from its design, to its features, to its picture quality.

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